• Visa Free Travel

    Once you are a citizen of Antigua & Barbuda you will be able to travel to more than 110 countries world wide, visa free.


  • Live In Luxury

    Purchase a property in Antigua & Barbuda and obtain citizenship.


  • Invest and Obtain Citizenship

    When you invest in Antigua & Barbuda you can obtain citizenship for you and your family.


Antigua and Barbuda, Caribbean Economic Powerhouse?

Economic Powerhouse

Can Antigua be the Caribbean’s version of Singapore? That’s the stated goal of the new government of Prime Minister Gaston Browne, whose Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party won the country’s mid-June elections. Antigua and Barbuda’s government says its objective is to turn the country into an “economic powerhouse in the Caribbean, not unlike tiny Singapore …

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One More Reason To Marry In Antigua

Get Married In Antigua

Many couples are lured to Antigua for a destination wedding due to the island’s 365 enchanting coves and beaches.   Couples now have another incentive to exchange vows on the island as 14 hotel professionals will become certified Wedding Coordinators. The Antigua Hotel & Tourism Association (“AHTA”) recently partnered with The Wedding Planners Institute of Canada (“WPIC”) …

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